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Let the Sun Roll, Your Local Company’s Goal

Is your roof just sitting there getting sunburned while the power company continues burning through your paycheck?

Bid farewell to crazy utility bills and fossil fuel dependence by harnessing your home’s solar potential with the neighborhood PV pros right here in your community!

As a leading local solar company, Southern Solar assists homeowners like you to profit from the free power of the sun.

Sunlit Streets and Solar Beats: The Perks of Choosing Southern Solar

Partnering directly with reputable local solar installers provides advantages national chains can’t match.

Hyper-Localized Expertise

Climate Conscious Configurations

Our team’s intimate knowledge of Virginia’s climate intricacies ensures your solar system is perfectly calibrated for local weather patterns, maximizing efficiency year-round.

Utility Savvy

With a finger on the pulse of Virginia’s beach or Yorktown’s utility policies, we navigate intricacies to optimize your solar system’s performance and financial benefits.

Established Municipal Connections

Permit Powerhouse

Benefit from our strong ties with Franklin, Hampton, Williamsburg, and Norfolk County Administration. This allows us to streamline the permitting process, expediting paperwork and grid connections, saving you time and potential headaches.

Bureaucracy Bypass

Our local relationships often mean a smoother journey through Virginia’s bureaucratic maze, ensuring a hassle-free experience from installation to activation.

Investment in Our Community

Homegrown Excellence

Being an integral part of Hampton roads and surrounding areas, our commitment goes beyond installations. Your solar success directly contributes to Virginia’s local growth, fostering a sense of pride and excellence in every project.

Community Commitment

Our roots run deep also in Downtown, Norfolk, VA and as a local business, we prioritize customer satisfaction, investing in Norfolk’s well-being through quality workmanship and sustainable practices.

Customized Design Services

Customized Precision

Your home around the Hampton roads and surrounding areas is unique, and so is our approach. We customize solar system specifications based on Virginia’s architecture, roof design, layout, sunlight accessibility, and energy lifestyle, ensuring optimal solar production potential.

Architectural Harmony

Our designs smoothly integrate with Smithfield’s aesthetics, enhancing both functionality and visual appeal.

Turnkey Support Services

Stress-Free Solar Journey

Our commitment doesn’t end with installation. From permitting to grid interconnection, activation, monitoring, and maintenance support, we offer comprehensive project coordination anywhere within a 50 mile radius from Campostella road, providing you with peace of mind throughout your solar journey.

All-Inclusive Care

Enjoy the convenience of a turnkey experience around the Hampton roads and other surrounding areas, where we take care of every aspect, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the benefits of your solar investment without the hassle.

Our team holds specialized insight into Virginia’s climate patterns, utility provider policies, permit office processes, and municipal solar incentives – ensuring system configurations are fully optimized for local conditions.

Our Breadth of Solar Products & Installation Services

We handle your transition to solar power generation easily from beginning to finish:

Turnkey Installation Process

  • Site evaluation and solar assessment
  • System design and permitting
  • Installation and connection authorization
  • Post-inspection and interconnection approval

Customized Home Solar Systems

Our solar professionals survey your household energy use, roof positioning, and local weather patterns to engineer a right-sized system to perfectly match and maximize solar output.

We utilize top-tier materials and equipment from leading USA and global manufacturers to extract the greatest solar production, functionality, and longevity.

solar company near me

Contact us today to schedule a solar panel installation in Norfolk and Chesapeake, VA & surrounding areas.

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers & Solar Charging Stations

For homeowners with electric cars, we install Level 2 and DC fast chargers that connect directly with your solar system – eliminating carbon emissions from transportation while containing fuel costs.

Solar Roofing Materials

We offer beautiful integrated solar shingles and tiles as durable, zero-energy roofing options from leading brands like SunPower, CertainTeed, and Tesla Solar Roof.

Solar Installation Process Designed Around You

We make adopting solar technology worry-free by guiding you through five key phases:

Consultation & Technical Assessment

First, we schedule an on-site visit to analyze past utility bills, assess your roof, map sunlight accessibility, and evaluate permits.

Custom System Design & Proposal

Next, our solar company in Downtown, Norfolk, VA architects use 3D modeling tools to draft designs, factoring in local weather patterns, shade trajectories, and equipment options that help maximize energy offset potential.

Installation & Electric Grid Interconnection

Our professional team handles the complete panel mounting, wiring, and connections on schedule within six weeks. We also streamline your utility enrollment.

Activation & Inspection

Once safely activated and authorized via municipal inspection, your system will shift into energy production.

Maintenance & Monitoring

As a solar owner, you’ll receive system performance reporting through our remote dashboard. We also offer a maintenance program to uphold productivity.

Let Neighbor Testimonials Shine Bright

If you don’t believe our words, then check it out yourself. See real experiences from local homeowners transitioning their homes to solar power:

Real Community Solar Savings Await!

To determine estimated system specifications and savings potential for your property, contact Southern Solar – Your go-to company for meeting all your solar energy needs!

We proudly serve homeowners across Virginia, making their lives better and sustainably greener.


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