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Our team of commercial solar installers experts are here to help you harness the power of the sun with a custom solar panel system designed for your Norfolk, VA home.

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Commercializing and Solarizing Brilliance

Your Go-To Commercial Solar Installers in Norfolk and Chesapeake

If you’re a business owner in Norfolk, Chesapeake, or Carrollton looking to take control of your energy costs and carbon footprint, Southern Solar is here to assist! 

As trusted leaders in commercial solar installation throughout Hampton Roads, we deliver innovatively designed solar energy systems explicitly customized for local organizations like yours.

Let our decades of expertise shine a light on the benefits of switching to solar for your bottom line and our planet.

The Pros and Profitability of Commercial Solar

Commercial solar checks all the boxes for forward-thinking companies. Converting even a portion of your operations to solar power translates to:

Up to 70% in Lifetime Savings on Electricity Costs

With commercial solar, enjoy substantial savings on electricity costs, reaching up to an impressive 70% over the system’s lifetime.

By tapping into renewable energy, your business secures long-term financial benefits and reduces dependency on traditional power sources.

Boosting Property Value by Adding a Revenue-Generating Solar Asset

Beyond energy savings, investing in commercial solar power adds a revenue-generating asset to your property, enhancing its overall value. Potential buyers and tenants increasingly recognize the allure of sustainable features, making your property a more attractive and lucrative investment. Commercial solar power systems not only reduce operational costs but also demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility, further boosting the property’s appeal in a competitive market.

Fixed Pricing Immunized from Utility Rate Hikes

Commercial solar provides a stable financial anchor with fixed pricing, shielding your business from unpredictable utility rate hikes.

Enjoy cost predictability and budget stability, allowing for better financial planning and reduced vulnerability to energy market fluctuations.

Massive Sustainability Cred with Stakeholders and Your Community

Adopting commercial solar not only reduces your carbon footprint but also earns your business significant sustainability credibility.

It’s time to portray your commitment to environmental responsibility, aligning with the values of stakeholders and positively impacting your community perception.

Serious Tax Incentives, Rebates, and Accelerated Depreciation

Governments incentivize commercial solar adoption with generous tax benefits, rebates, and accelerated depreciation schedules.

Utilize these financial perks to enhance your project’s return on investment, making the switch to solar a financially strategic move for your business.

Simply put, solar energy future proofs your organization with insulation from rising energy expenses and independence from the grid’s dependence on fossil fuels.

That’s an executive decision as smart as it is eco-friendly!

Southern Solar: Your Commercial Spotlight

With over 500 successful solar deployments under our belt, Southern Solar stands confident as the most qualified, experienced commercial solar installers in Coastal Virginia.

Our master electricians have decades of combined expertise, specifically within large-scale commercial projects, keeping businesses powered up day and night:

Superior System Design & Efficiency

Our team customizes the solar plan not just for your roof and property layout but also for your unique energy demand patterns.

We use advanced modeling and onsite load monitoring to right-size a system for optimal output.

Forget cookie-cutter solar! Our configurations provide the best bang for your buck!

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Effective Grid Connection & Compliance

Navigating permits, inspections, and utility requirements for commercial solar system installation can overwhelm business owners.

Rest easy as we spearhead the interconnection process from start to finish. We ensure full compliance and a smooth transition from solar power to your meter, making your commercial solar system installation hassle-free.

Innovative Mounting & Component Options

From elevated canopies in parking lots to sprawling roof mounts, our commercial solar design palette includes all the latest mounts, panels, inverters, and racking systems personalized to your property’s parameters. Need extra resilience? We have solar solutions sturdy enough to withstand hurricane-force winds! Additionally, our comprehensive commercial solar maintenance services ensure that your system continues to perform optimally and withstand the test of time.


Onsite Battery Storage Add-Ons

While sunlight powers you by day, we also offer solar battery add-ons to stockpile surplus energy and keep critical systems humming around the clock.

Never lose power again with our integrated solar plus storage options!

The Glittery Shining Stages: Decoding our Commercial Solar Choreography

We make commercial solar execution efficient by following a structured six-phase methodology forged from years of project management experience:

  • Initial site evaluation and energy demand analysis.
  • Custom structural engineering and system design.
  • Permitting and paperwork processing.
  • Thorough component staging and logistics preparation.
  • Methodical 6 to 8 weeks installation with minimal disruption.
  • Simple system activation, inspection, and handoff.

Our project leaders keep close communication with ownership and staff throughout construction.

We also thoroughly clean up after ourselves, leaving your property damage-free.

Epic Watts: Commercial Solar Tales That Hit the Spots

Ready to see solar in action? Here are just three of our many satisfied commercial solar clients in Coastal VA:

Riverpoint Office Park: 100kW Roof-Mount System

We couldn’t be happier with our decision to add both solar PV and battery storage with Southern Solar. They helped us assess the ideal system size and configuration for our 2-building office campus.

Due to their clean, hassle-free installation process and seamless grid connection, we’re already reaping over $30,000/year in energy savings!

Oceanfront Inn & Suites: 75kW Elevated Solar Canopy

As a tourism-focused business, sustainability is tremendously important to us and our patrons.

By adding a solar canopy to our parking area, Southern Solar helped us meet our eco-initiatives while shielding vehicles from sun exposure. The project even qualified for Virginia’s Green Tourism incentive!

Waterside Shopping Center: 250kW Roof & Carport-Integrated System

We have Southern Solar to thank for making our Waterside redevelopment project even greener.

Their team designed an innovative mix of rooftop PV and solar carport structures to offset a sizable chunk of our retail energy demand. Shoppers love the sustainability commitment! We would recommend every individual to them if they are thinking about going solar.

Solar Mastery in Action: Lighting the Path to Solar Success for Your Business

Join the hundreds of enterprises that have partnered with Southern Solar for smarter energy solutions.

Connect with our commercial solar installers to map out your potential solar landscape. For those searching for “solar power installation near me,” we proudly offer turnkey solutions in Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Newport News, and throughout the Hampton Roads region.

Discover how solar can unlock savings and sustainability for your organization today!


Our kilowatts installed is 876.99KW

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