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Home or Business Solar Energy Services We Provide In Norfolk, Virginia

Explore the possibilities of solar energy in Norfolk and Chesapeake, VA and The Hampton Roads Area

As a leading solar installer, we’re ready to lead the solar revolution in the Hampton Roads. We offer installation services for both residential and commercial customers. We use SunPower premium solar technology on every installation and handle everything from your initial consultation to obtaining the required permits to HOA approval to inspection and interconnection.

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Southern Solar Norfolk, Virginia

511 Campostella Road Suite 201, Norfolk, VA 23523

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Our services include:


Our smart solar panels work to provide you with power in the most efficient way possible. You can make sure that your site is self-sufficient instead of rely on grid power from nearby power plants. Your solar panel installation will pay for itself in just a few years thanks to your greatly reduced energy bills.

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Services we provide

Residential Installation

Equip your home with an efficient solar energy system.

Commercial Installtion

Use solar energy on your commercial site.

Roof Inspections And Repair

Equip your home with an efficient solar energy system.

solar panel maintenance services in Norfolk

Home Battery Backup Systems

Backup Power Systems We Offer:

Backup power is a system that connects to electricity sources, typically solar panels and the electric grid, to store excess power and return it to your home when you need it, generally because of a power outage during an emergency. In most cases, your backup power supply will come from a generator or a battery. Today’s solar batteries are also intelligent energy management systems that can optimize your home’s energy usage to take advantage of utility time-of-use plans or to ensure that your electric car is charged with solar power.

  • Solar battery backup power systems including Tesla Powerwall
  • Home generators

What makes Southern Solar right for you?

With a decade of experience installing solar panels, we know exactly how to place your new panels to maximize the energy output. Our local company is committed to helping our community use greener energy sources. We offer financing, and we have plenty of experience in electrical services as well as solar-specific work.

Our solar panel installations come with a 10 year Workmanship warranty on the installation, 25 year inverter manufacturer warranty and a 25 year performance/manufacturer’s warranty on the panels themselves, you’re covered bumper to bumper for 25 years on the panels themselves let us take care of the rest while you save money!


Rising Power Costs

Virginia Solar Incentives

As a premium solar installer for the Hampton Roads area, we provide you with the best solar and backup power solutions for homeowners who are in the Dominion Energy, Dominion Virginia Power, Southside Electric Cooperative, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative, Community Electric Cooperative, and Xcel Energy service areas.

Our local team provides commercial and residential solar panels and services to Coastal Plain customers. We will also help you and take advantage of all federal, state, and local incentives. This includes the 30% federal tax credit, net metering policies, and statewide exemption from property and sales & use taxes on solar panel installations.

Incentives are limited – take advantage of these policies today!

Norfolk FAQs


The solar investment tax credit (ITC) is a federal incentive available for anyone making the switch to solar power. The ITC helps you save 30% on your total project cost if it was installed between 2022 and 2032. It then decreases to 22% in 2034.

While Virginia itself doesn’t offer a solar tax credit, you can still take advantage of city-level solar incentives and rebates.

As of 2021, a Freedom Solar customer can expect to spend an average of $38,000 for a 9.1-kilowatt (kW) residential system. This cost includes equipment such as SunPower solar panels, labor, permitting, and inspections from homeowners associations (HOAs). 

Federal incentives as well as local rebates and incentives will further lower your total cost once they go into effect.

Solar panels increase your home’s resale price with a return on investment (ROI) that’s higher than most other types of home improvements. You can expect your residence to increase in value with a solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

No. You might produce enough solar energy to power your home on your own, you can’t be completely off-grid without a battery backup for house.

However, you can still buy a battery for home backup power in the event of a power outage from a hurricane or winter storm.

Virginia is rapidly increasing solar industry projects. Norfolk specifically has the largest number of solar installations in the state.  

Thanks to local net metering programs, Virginia utility companies will buy back electricity.

Solar panels typically require little maintenance, but it’s still an essential part of owning a solar panel system.

Maintaining your solar panels — which includes routine cleaning — will keep their efficiency at top-rated performance levels, and also increase their lifespan. And in terms of maximizing energy output, clearing dirt, debris, snow, and more will make a significant difference. 

Contact our solar repair and maintenance service department to assist you with cleaning and other forms of maintenance such as repairs and inspections.

There is a possibility that your solar panels will increase the cost of your home insurance since they add value to your home. However, this is dependent on your homeowners policy. 

Homeowners’ policies usually rate their premiums according to the value of the house, so in the event of an accident, your home is adequately covered. Therefore your insurance policy will likely increase to match the increased value of your home. 


Our kilowatts installed is 876.99KW

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