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We supply large scale commercial grid-tie solar panel systems for business and government. We design and integrate solar farms, carports and buildings.




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As a business owner, you understand the importance of controlling overhead costs and operating efficiently. Harnessing commercial solar power represents a smart investment – reducing energy expenditures while showcasing environmental responsibility.

Southern Solar offers customized commercial solar energy systems, installation, and maintenance for retailers, offices, warehouses, and other metro area companies.

Discover how updating your property with renewable power designed around your specific needs delivers compelling advantages now while future-proofing for long-term success.

Watts of Wisdom: The Strategic Sense of Going Solar

The economic case for commercial solar continues gaining traction:

Slash Energy Costs

Solar allows you to lock in lower electricity rates for decades, insulating your business from utility price hikes. Scaled correctly, your system offsets a majority of power expenditures.

Improved Property Value

An array of solar panels not only reduces overhead but enhances your asset value and income potential.

Tax and Financial Incentives 

State and federal solar incentives like tax credits plus accelerated depreciation provide a faster ROI.

Low-cost financing creates cash flow from day one.

Financial Incentives for the Win

Navigate the landscape of low-cost financing options that transform your solar journey into a cash flow-positive venture right from the outset.

Green ROI Revealed

Delve into the green ROI that Southern Solar offers, delivering a rapid and lucrative return on your investment through strategic financial incentives.

As a trusted solar provider handling large-scale installations across the region, Southern Solar helps businesses maximize these benefits with minimized risk.

Solar Couture: Designing Tomorrow’s Solar Today

While the financials make sense, embracing commercial-grade solar represents a complex undertaking involving zoning laws, construction, utility coordination, and future planning.

Southern Solar offers comprehensive guidance in designing a solar system around your specific business while coordinating all technical details for you:

Site-Specific Solar Engineering and Property Analysis

Our experts conduct a thorough evaluation, considering available solar space, roof condition, and electrical capacity.

The result? An appropriately sized solar system according to your business needs.

Commercial solar power

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Navigating Regulatory Waters

Utilize our experience to navigate the intricate world of commercial solar permitting. We proactively address regulations and code considerations to eliminate delays in your solar project.

Streamlined Utility Coordination and Engagement

Simplify the process with Southern Solar. From interconnection requests to meter installations, we handle bidirectional coordination, ensuring smooth enrollment with your electricity provider.

Future-Ready Solar Design

Smart solar design isn’t just about the present—it’s about anticipating future needs. We factor in potential demand growth or property changes, making it easy to expand your solar array when necessary.

World-Class Design and Equipment

Our commitment to world-class design extends to using modern equipment, guaranteeing maximum uptime and resilient operation for your solar energy system.

Effortless Project Management

Enjoy a hassle-free experience as we handle every aspect of your solar project. Our turnkey solutions offer complete project visibility, ensuring you’re informed and confident throughout the process.

Comprehensive Visibility for Confidence

We prioritize transparency, providing you with complete visibility into the entire process. From design to installation, Southern Solar keeps you informed, empowering you to make decisions with confidence.

While each solar energy system is tailored to the client’s property, our world-class design approach and high-performance equipment ensure maximum uptime and resilient operation. We take care of everything while providing complete visibility so you feel confident in your transition to clean, sustainable power.

From Vision to Voltage: Your Blueprint for Commercial Solar Success

When you choose Southern Solar for your renewable energy goals, you are assigned a dedicated project lead for clear communication and accountability from start to completion:


We thoroughly assess your site and power requirements, zoning constraints, applicable incentives, and long-term plans to inform system design.

Proposal and Budget

After gathering the necessary technical details and business objectives, we provide a comprehensive solar project proposal outlining the commercial system specifications, installation plan, and projected utility savings.


Our extensively trained commercial solar team methodically installs your array and handles all electrical and connectivity considerations for safe, effective activation.


We undertake all final inspections and documentation, like commissioning certificates, to meet state compliance standards for commercial solar systems.


Your system has performed optimally for decades, supported by our preventative maintenance and continuous monitoring services. We’re always available if any questions arise!

Let’s discuss how upgrading your retail outlet, office park, or other metro area property with the right-sized solar delivers significant, sustainable value.


Client Testimonials

We have installed nearly 3MW of commercial solar across 350+ local properties to date. Our combination of business acumen and unmatched technical expertise in large solar array implementation makes Southern Solar the premier partner for enterprises going solar.

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