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You’ve already put a lot of energy into running your business. Southern Solar can help you make sure that your facility runs on solar energy. We install commercial solar panel service to harness the power of the sunlight shining down on your site.

Not sure about using solar power? We’re here to put your doubts and concerns to rest. Solar panels:

  • Generate power no matter how cold it is

  • Conserve energy so it’s available even at night or on cloudy days

  • Pay for themselves in the amount of money you’ll save on power

  • Make you eligible for tax benefits

We use products from trusted brands like Canadian Solar and Solar Edge. Contact us today to schedule a commercial solar panel service installation in Norfolk and Chesapeake, VA. We also offer residential solar systems, and roof inspection

Call 757-545-0403 now to learn more about solar energy services available in Norfolk, Chesapeake, VA and the Hampton Roads area.

Save money on power bills with our solar services

Once you have solar energy panels installed on your commercial solar panel service property, you won’t have to worry about relying on grid power anymore. Your building can be completely self-reliant. We can hook up solar panels on new construction buildings as well as existing commercial buildings.

Call now to ask about the solar energy panels we use throughout Norfolk and Chesapeake, VA & surrounding areas.

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Contact us today to schedule a solar panel installation in Norfolk and Chesapeake, VA & surrounding areas.

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